Top 10: QVC Mishaps

1. The Finger
The director says something to Eddy while hes off camera that irritates him, so he gives him the finger, whilst the camera flips back to Eddy in mid-finger salute.

2. The Ladder
This idiot decides to dust a window using his handy-dandy ladder and falls off smashing his head on to the wood paneled floor. I've watched it over and over and I still don't get how he manages to fall off...

3. The Porn
This guy pranks(I would hope its a prank) QVC telling them all he uses his dell for is porn, and it works great.

4. The Sword
This guy is showing us how strong and durable this sword is by hitting it onto the table when a piece breaks off and hits him, injuring him severely.

5. The 128 Errors
This is the same guy as 'The Sword', apparently he fully recovered. This guy goes nuts about the 128 MB of RAM, and goes on and on about how he can't get errors on this PC when he clearly does.

6. The Doorbell
A guy calls in about the doorbell their selling and is obviously pranking them, I don't see why they don't cut these people off earlier... But hey, I'm not complaining.

7. The Shit
These ladies are testing the speakers on the TV. While watching Back To the Future, the Doc says 'Shit'.

8. The Dells
A lady calls in raving about the dells she purchased through QVC years ago, and how much she loves them, but...

9. The Horse
This guy is describing a photo that he is holding, and is completely wrong as to what it is.

10. The Email
They are reading an email from a customer and he makes gay references to one of the hosts, to which the host starts blushing, which means he's clearly gay, and probably going to call the guy after the show.