Top 10: Craziest Shit Made With Household Items

Todays MacGyvers arn't exactly saving lives but instead making crazy things like silly putty, record players and anti-gravity contraptions. All of the stuff, well most of the stuff you can make with regular shit you have in your house, like batteries, paperclips, needles, paper and so on... Some of the stuff you can make is pretty damn crazy. So why don't you try making some of this shit and doing something productive with your life for once instead of sitting at home alone in the dark watching crazy gay animal porn on the internet...?

Anyway here you go with the 'Top 10: Craziest Shit You Can Make With Household Items'

10. Silly Putty

9. Pen Dart Gun

8. Chill a beer in 20 seconds

7. Smoke bomb

6. Condom Plant

5. Record Player

4. Hidden text that burns away on paper

3. Generate electricity with salt and a magnet

2. Condom Ecosystem

1. Anti-Gravity