Top 10: Animal Attacks

I don't know about you guys, but I've just got the christmas spirit. In lite of my new found aura, i present you with the Top 10 Animal Attacks. Not unlike the Top 10 Animal Fights that i posted a while back which was animal vs animal, this list is comprised of all animal vs human encounters.

I think my favorite part of these is the person that is video taping the attack, they just never seem to help the person being mauled... Well thats the pursuit of internet fame for you. Every man for himself! Enjoy!

10. Moose vs Human

9. Tiger vs Human

8. Bull vs Human

7. Cheetah vs Human

6. Horse vs Human

5. Elephant vs Human

4. Whale vs Human

3. Lion vs Human

2. Deer vs Human

1. Leopard vs Human