Video Dissection: Saved By The Bell Fight

It starts out harmless enough, Slater whining about Zack being better than him about something, but then it gets serious, when Zack calls Slater a jerk. I think it was totally uncalled for that Slater calls Zack a punk, thats just harsh. Zack standing his ground, gives Slater a nice shove, Slater in return, slams Zack against the lockers, commencing that the fight shall begin. Zack clocks him with a right hook, putting Slater into a daze. Slater then slams Morris onto the ground, hits him with a right hook, and proceeds to smother him with his body. They get up and hug each other for a while, until a man wearing some sort of racoon hat breaks them up.

Lesson To Be Learned: Don't start a fight with someone unless there is a man with a racoon hat ready to break it up if it gets too serious.