Circle The Cat
Try to circle the cat with the colored dots without letting the cat get away. Be aware, this cat is an asshole!
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Huntin' With Palin
For some reason if you shoot John McCain you lose points, which is highly disappointing.
Suicide Kittens
Math sucks and I always wanted to kill myself while doing it, now I finally can. Especially when I'm a kitten sitting on top of a floating skull...
Test Your Color IQ
Put the colors in order of hue. I guess all that staring at the sun with binoculars as a child didn't do as much damage as I thought, cause I got a perfect score! Let me know what you get so I can make fun of you.
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Magic Pen
I rarely post games, but this one got me addicted rather fast, so you might want to check it out!
Paintball The Game
Probably not the kind of paintball your thinking of, but still rather entertaining.
A game where you can shift and stuff. I beat it in like 600 seconds or whatever it said. Somewhat entertaining.
Cover The Red Dot
Cover the big red dot with the smaller grey dots. Its harder then you think. It took me roughly 20-30 trys to get it... Or I'm just an idiot. Who knows.
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Possibly The Worst Video Game Created
Sort the books in order according to the categories listed in the Library of Congress Catalog. I couldn't get past the first level, or I quit... One of the two.
Video Game Sounds Test
Test your old school video game sound knowledge with this test. I got a horrible 11 out of 24, I hope you can do better than I did. If not, your parents probably beat you as a child.
Extreme Hangman
As if hanging a man with a noose isn't bad enough, here's hangman with a bit more violence.
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This is mildy entertaining. Switch around face parts of many different people into one. Don't get it? I probably wouldn't either after that half ass explanation! Just give 'er a whirl!
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Falling Hilary Clinton Bikini Game
Grab her and throw her every which way... Need I say more?
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Press The Spacebar 2000
This is a crazy game. You have to press the spacebar as fast as you can in a given amount of time. I don't want to brag but I just got 2 high scores, for 10 and 20 seconds.
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Faceball: A Game Of Skill, Cleverness, and Logic
Or just throwing a ball at each others face... either way it looks like a good time after a few drinks.

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